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​Chesterton E-Books / White Papers​

Get free downloads of e-books and white papers authored by our fluid sealing experts.  Learn helpful solutions and techniques to increase reliability and reduce emissions leaks.

​​E-bo​ok: How to Extend the Life of Older Wood-Based Panel Hydraulic Presses

This e-book will help maintenance, operation, production, and EHS managers learn how high-performance sealing solutions/upgrades can cost effectively extend the life of older presses. Learn how upgrading cylinder sealing can pay off in reliability an​d long asset life.  

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​White Paper: Kaplan Seals - Steps to Improve Runner Blade Trunnion Sealing

With Kaplan turbines, runner blade trunnion seals play a key role in maintainin​g reliability, efficiency, and protecting the environment from oil seepage. A survey conducted among Kaplane turbine owners found that inefficient or failed blade trunnion seals cause more than 60% of Kaplan turbine Leakage.  In this paper, we address best practices around selecting, installing, and supporting Kaplan runner blade trunnion seals to maximize your investments and efforts.

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