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Materials Technology
Advanced Durability for Superior Sealing Performance

​​​​​​​​​​​​Choosing the proper material for your chosen ​seal design can have a significant impact on the reliability of your hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Chesterton is known across industries for offering state-of-the-art polymer technologies that have been field tested and proven around the world in the most demanding sealing applications.

An Extensive Portfolio

Chesterton also offers a full range of advanced materials for use in your hydraulic or pneumatic applications, many of which are custom blended to accommodate specific end user requirements. Let our sealing experts help you choose the right material for your application.

Proprietary Thermoset Materials

Our world-renowned proprietary thermoset material, AWC800, is widely considered to be one of the highest performing materials on the market today. This advanced seal material offers high abrasion, high cut resistance, and low compression setting for superior performance. It is ideal for use in hydraulic or pneumatic applications.

Let the Chesterton sealing experts help you choose the right material for your application.​ A portion of our materials portfolio includes:


Thermoset Urethanes (AWC800, AWC805, AWC808​AWC825​, AWC830, AWC860), FKM (AWC704), FKM TFE (AWC727), NBR (AWC740), EPDM (AWC750)


Virgin (AWC520), carbon/graphite (AWC400), polyimide (AWC100), glass and moly (AWC300), bronze (AWC500), and, mineral (AWC510) filled PTFEs

Engineered Plastics

Polyester (AWC600), UHMWPE (AWC615), PEEK (AWC630), glass filled PEEK, (AWC635) acetal/POM (AWC650), polyamide(660), nylon (AWC663)

Chesterton AWC860