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Chesterton Kaplan Runner Blade Trunnion Split Seal
Increase Turbine Reliability, Decrease Downstream Pollution


Proven in applications around the world, this split seal design greatly enhances reliability by keeping water and contaminants out of the hub and keeping lubricants in to avoid environmental contamination.

Chesterton’s Kaplan Runner Blade Trunnion Split Seal has a pin and lock design that keeps the turbine motion from pulling the split seal apart and also uses load pressure to join cut ends.

Unlike standard stack sets, these seals are designed with a positive, flared lip design which enables them to automatically adjust and compensate for radial cross sectional variances. This feature helps resist blade droop which so often causes reliability issues.

Downtime is minimized: removal of the blade is not required.
Only two seals need to be installed (rather than a full stacked set)
The seal maintains load pressure during blade positioning.
Internal seal lubrication allows for rotary shaft movement with almost no frictional drag on the seal.
Blade and seal maintain positions for maximum sealing.
Made to order: geometry and dimensions of the seal is according to actual hardware arrangement and dimensions
Back-to-back configuration : Keeps contaminants out of hub; keeps oil in
Robust seal design: prevent excessive streching or bunching, twisting of the seal rings during installation
Multiple sealing point on static side of the seal: in case of corroded seal cavity surface, the multiple sealing points can provide tighter sealing
Material (designation)Size Range mm (inch)Temperature ˚C (˚F) Pressure bar (psi)Speed m/s (ft/min)
​AWC800 (EU)6 to 2,540 (164 to 100)-50 to 85 (-60 to 185)1,035 (15,000)​1 (200)