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Mobile Mining Kits
Custom Cylinder Repair Kits for Off-Highway Equipment

​Chesterton's high-performance cylinder repair kits are designed to extend equipment operation time between maintenance intervals. These kits help companies manage costs and maintain margins by optimizing the value of equipment investments.

Chesterton's proprietary thermoset polymer technologies offer high abrasion and cut resistance. Our unique seal geometries are specifically designed to offset known sealing issues related to pressure spikes, side loading, contamination, and low pressure leakage.

​​​Chesterton's Mobile Mining Kits​ offer:​
  • ​Turnkey custom cylinder repair kits proven to extend hours of operation
  • Skilled in-field technical support, on-site inspection, and troubleshooting
  • Experienced engineers sealing experts for application know-how

Aftermarket Kit Offerings:

  • Hitachi/Excavators EX1100, 1200, 1800, 1900, 2500, 3600, 5500
  • CAT / trucks 777, 785, 789, 793
  • CAT/Loaders: 980, 988, 990, 992, 994
  • CAT Dozers: D9, D10, D11

​​Custom kits are available upon request.

For Asia Pacific & Australia: click to contact​