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Custom Seals – Hydraulic

​​​​​​Chesterton's Custom Hydraulic Seal Designs combine materials and application expertise for virtually any hydraulic cylinder or press across the full spectrum of industrial markets.

Our range of custom seal designs provides solutions that offer:

  • ​Rugged rake wipers to prevent foreign matter contamination from rods and rams including snap-in, stepped, and bi-directional options
  • Monoseal designs for specific rod and piston applications to address pressure reversal, pressure spikes, and system vacuuming
  • Special geometries constructed with innovative manufacturing techniques to address low pressure applications with excessive clearances
  • Energized seal options to provide seal stability at higher temperatures and to increase pre-load capabilitie​s
  • Rugged U-cup designs ideal for older, worn equipment with surface irregularities
  • Flexible split designs to simplify installation, avoiding additional downtime for equipment disassembly
  • Stacked V-Ring sets to ensure even loading, long​​er sealing life, and minimal gland pressure in conditions with excessive clearances and deep stuffing boxes
  • ​Bi-directional designs for single groove cavities in heavy duty, high-pressure applications
  • Anti-extrusion rings to maintain seal integrity under pressure; these can be custom profiled, including rectangular, contoured, continuous, and split designs

Contact us today to discuss a sealing solution for your application needs.