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About Us
Chesterton Fluid Power Equipment Solutions

​​​​In the fluid power environment— where fluids under pressure are used to generate, control, and transmit power—the weakest link in the system is often the sealing device required to contain fluid within a system.  Chesterton engineers and manufactures highly reliable sealing solutions for heavy industrial, process fluid power equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Presses: Critical equipment used for heavy industry
  • Cylinders: Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment used fo​r demanding applications
  • Valves and control units: Important hydraulic system-relat​ed equipment​

Chesterton customers value our ability to:

  • Improve fluid power equipment reliability, performance, and safety
  • Apply technology that helps extend equipment life
  • Provide skilled, in-field technical s​upport to troubleshoot equipment
  • Manufacture seals at regional locatio​ns around the world with same-day service
  • Engineer a systematic approach for improving seal performance on cylinders
  • Design cylinder upgrades that help to reduce hydraulic oil consumption
  • Upgrade cylinder reliability to meet environmental compliance and improve safety

Samples of Chesterton's Fluid Power Solutions:

  • Proprietary material technology that provides excellent, wear, abrasion, and extrusion resistance in hydraulic, pneumatic, and static applications to help improve equipment reliability
  • Custom-designed turnkey cylinder replacement kits that extend hours of operation between maintenance intervals on mission-critical equipment
  • A unique, split interlock turbine seal for use on older, worn, and pitted equipment that minimizes downtime and meets environmental compliance
  • Engineered sealing solutions designed to meet specific performance and cost objectives that provide a competitive advantage in the market
  • Regional manufacturing and engineering centers, backed by a network of field specialists and dedicated customer service, poised to respond to customer sealing solutions needs with same-day service