Wood-Based Panel

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Wood-Based Panel

​Reduce Costs & Increase Reliability​

For decades Chesterton has partnered with wood-based panel plants around the world and gained a solid under​standing of the industry's sealing requirements and challenges. Whether your facility is manufacturing particle board, plywood, chipboard, OSB, MDF, HDF, OSL, THDF, or bio-composite boards, we have experienced personnel to service your specific needs.

Chesterton delivers proven expertise coupled with custom polymer sealing solutions for presses and cylinders, as well as specialty lubricants for chain life extension.

We provide proven solutions for many plant areas, including:

  • ​Pressing: ​Main Press and Pull Back Cylinders, Synchronization Cylinders, Jack Ram Cylinders, and Plunger Cylinders
  • Single, Multi-Daylight and Continuous Press Designs
  • Lamination and Post Forming: Main Press Cylinders and Pull Back Cylinders
  • Wood Handling: Mobile Hydraulic Equipment Cylinders
  • Chains: Programs to increase reliability and extend the life of Chains, Conveyors, Pins, Rods, and Belts​

Download our free e-book: How to Extend the Life of Older Wood-Based Panel Hydraulic Presses​​​

Cylinder Sealing Checklist - Wood Based Panel Manufacturing

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