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​​​​Increase Turbine Reliability and Decrease Downstream Pollution


Chesterton has been providing value-driven hydraulic/pneumatic sealing solutions to hydropower plants for decades to improve turbine efficiency and deliver leak-free sealing. Our highly reliable, quality products are used by OEMs, operators, and refurbishment companies around the world.


Using a combination of Chesterton proprietary materials and  high-performance seals/components in your cylinders can significantly extend mean time between repairs (MTBR), lower overall equipment costs, and improve operational performance. Our flexible manufacturing capabilities—for both molded and machined products—enable us to provide virtually any design, any material, and any size seal with short lead times.​

Chesterton delivers various sealing solutions for cylinders, turbines, and valves in this industry,​ including:

  • Kaplan Blade Runners
  • Wicket Gate Cylinders
  • Servo Cylinders
  • Blade Pitch Cylinders
  • Brake and Jack Cylinders
  • Butterfly, Spherical, and Ball Valves​​

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