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Spring-Energized Seals
​​Provides a Consistent Load for a Leak-Tight Seal

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Spring-energized seals​ typically consist of a polymer jacket and a metallic spring that provides a consistent load throughout the circumference ​of the seal and creates a leak-tight seal between the jacket and the hardware. The system pressure creates an additional sealing force between the jacket and the hardware.  In this combination, the spring forces the seal lips against the gland and rod surfaces, while pressure assists the spring forc​e.

Chesterton's custom-designed, state-of-the-art Spring-Energized Polymeric Seals are precision machined to meet your plant's exact equipment dimensions to ensure maximum performance. Whether the challenge is sealing harsh chemicals, extreme temperature, speed, or pressures, Chesterton engineers will design a high-performance product to meet your specific needs.​

Springs provide the following functions:

  • Load to maintain sealing
  • Compensation for seal wear
  • Compensation for eccentricities and hardware tolerances
  • Compensation for shrinkages/stress forces caused by extreme temperature changes


Spring-energized seals are applied in numerous industries across a wide array of applications that include compressors, valves, pumps, dispensers, instrumentation, swivel joints, actuators, vessels, formed seals, injection molders, and screw feeders.

Custom Spring-Energized Seals

In addition to standard designs, special seals can be engineered and produced within a very short period of time to meet specific customer requirements within the following criteria:

  • Temperatures: From -253 ° C to 315 ° C (-425° F to 600° F)
  • Pressures: From vacuum (10-8 Torr) to 414 MPa (60,000 psi)
  • Surface Speed: Up to 25 m/sec (5000 ft/min)
  • Diameters: Up to 2159 mm (85 in.​)


  • Cantilever: Highly dynamic applications
  • Helical: High loads, low temperatures, static-to-slow speed applications
  • Elliptical: Relatively large hardware tolerances and miniature applications
  • Bearings: Designed to deliver superior performance in the harshest conditions​

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